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"Fly 08" revisits Yoko Ono’s legendary "Fly" (1970) an experimental, conceptual film and feminist consideration of the body as expressed by the moving image. This work enlists the components of the original - a naked body in repose is the landscape and backdrop for the antics of a live insect. But there is a slight twist--this body is female-to-male transgendered. Comparable to its inspiration, Fly @ 08 alternates close ups and long shots capturing the behavior of the fly and patiently revealing the physiognomy of the host, while teasingly evoking the destinies of both.

original score by Richard Chartier, camera work by Ron Toole

still from "Fly 08"
still from "Fly 08"
16mm transferred to DVCam and DVD, color, sound, 3 min
dimensions variable