A. B. Miner
His (2)Pan troglodytes?Cystophera CristataDowns & UpsEquus BurchelliThat Was Theninstallation view of From There to Here
(2007 - 2010)From There to Here (panel #1, 12 days post-op)From There to Here (panel #12, 1 year post-op)still from "Fly 08" installation view of Fly 08
16 mm transferred to DVCAM
ed. of 5 + 2 APs
3 min. 3 sec.Naked 
*diptychEmpty TownClose Friend of RegretExposed #4Exposed #2Exposed #1Too Close for Comfort 6Too Close For Comfort 3Too Close For Comfort 2Too Close For Comfort 1Funny Face 9Funny Face 8Going Going GoneFunny Face 5
A.B. Miner's intimately scaled oil paintings, often self portraits, are radical for their obsessively painted surfaces and raw emotional content. Also via works on paper (and occasionally film) the artist's practice documents the permeability of flesh, questions science's and society's understanding of gender, depicts a struggle for control over one's body, and challenges the limits of emotional resilience. Many works reveal what the artist and scientific communities hide from the outside world such as inner turmoil and bodily diversity.